Our Story

Luna Kitties was created in Redmond, Washington with your beautiful cats as the priority for all of its innovations.

Hi!  My name is Dima Alhabaj, Founder and CEO of Luna Kitties.  I love all animals and I especially love cats. I have 3 beautiful cats at home, Bisso, Crystal, and of course Luna!  My cats are the joy of my life and I want nothing less than the best for them and this is how Luna Kitties came to be.  

I’m a single mom with 3 cats and 3 boys…that’s a budget!  The last thing I wanted to spend my money on was replacing the cat scratcher every SINGLE month!  It’s an essential element of my home, especially to spare my furniture from damage.

I didn’t know how to avoid buying these cat scratchers every month.  Should I buy rope and glue and repair the scratchers myself?  I know that many cat owners were struggling with the same exact dilemma as I was.  Unfortunately, there was no solution except to simply purchase yet another cat scratcher! 

Well, I have a new solution for you!  A patent-pending cat scratcher that has interchangeable posts…and there you have it!! 

Instead of having to buy a whole new cat scratcher unit, all you need to purchase is the scratching POST that can be easily installed into our system in just a few seconds! 

That’s not all!  This scratching post can easily be tossed into your compost bin.  We use a cardboard tube wrapped with sisal rope which comes from a natural plant and requires no chemical fertilizers for its production.  You can rest assured that your scratcher is kind to the environment and your cats are safe from harmful chemicals!

I didn’t stop there!  I know that these cat scratchers need to be strategically placed in high traffic areas.  This means that it can really spoil the aesthetics of your living room or any other room in your home.  My cat scratchers are fully customizable.  You can choose the fabric cover of the bed, the toy attached to the post, even the color of the scratching post itself!  You can mix and match for every room in your home!

After 2 years of working tirelessly on designing and manufacturing the product, I finally made the most cost-efficient and versatile cat product on the market and I can’t wait till your cats try it!

Oh...by the way, my little Luna says hi!